Angelina's Palace Cuts Prices on All Products of Four-Square Patterns

GORDE Jewelry Case 4 Square L

High-end organizer retailer Angelina's Palace (AP) has cut down the prices of all four-square patterned products to 80% in a move to reach out to more consumers.

High-end organizer retailer Angelina’s Palace (AP) has cut down the prices of all four-square patterned products to 80% in a move to reach out to more consumers.

Nine products are on sale for a limited time, including one jewelry case of three sizes, two jewelry hangers, one beauty case and one luxury tote in three sizes, all of which bear the four-square pattern.

The discount brings the prices to just 80% of the tag price, with the lowest sold at $33 – quite inexpensive for premium jewelry and makeup organizers.

The four-square pattern is a classic design by AP. The squares are in green, red, white and black, offering an exotic, vivid style to anyone who loves bright colors or color contrasts. Inside each square is a circle that has exquisite, pop patterns that add a mysterious touch to the whole bag. This pattern is loved by many, and Angelina’s Palace uses it in almost all of its product lines.

The jewelry hanger, as the name indicates, is by appearance an easy-to-carry hook that hangs everywhere, like in the closet, behind doors or on walls. The hanger comes in two different styles, the TEMBY Homie and the ANNECY SnapOn. The Homie is a perfect choice for home organizing with transparent, fixed pouches, while the SnapOn has removeble pockets, making it a perfect travel companion.

The GORDE Jewelry Cases, small, medium and large, are all on sale. It’s one of the earliest jewelry boxes by AP, designed for both short and long-time travel. Many customers have applauded the GORDE as “everything one would want for a jewelry organizer.”

For those shopping for a beauty case, the IRIS is a classic choice. It’s worth noting that the main interior pocket is removeble, allowing the case to easily transform into a purse organizer. This feature also enables the case to be cleaned easily.

The luxury tote, which also comes in three sizes, is of equal quality and beauty. AP designs its totes in a way that can be used both as a handbag and as an organizer. The specially designed interior pockets are perfect to store jewelries, makeups and other daily items. For such a professional organizer, however, the price is very friendly at $33 for the smallest one.

It’s the first time the high-end, california-based brand offers a discount. Time is limited and the inventory is running low. Click to buy now at AP’s sales page

Source: AP Lifestyle & Accessories Inc.


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