Angelina's Palace Unveils Easy-to-Carry Makeup Box for the Travel Season

Jewelry and beauty organizer producer Angelina's Palace (AP) has launched a product line of makeup case that helps women be glam on-the-go in this travel season.

​Jewelry and beauty organizer producer Angelina’s Palace (AP) has launched a product line of makeup case that helps women be glam on-the-go in this travel season.

The new but fastly growing fashion brand is a designer and producer of jewelry organizers, cosmetic cases, purse organizers, totes, packing sets and hairbow bags. As a high-end retailer, it aims to make women’s life easier and better with stylish, superior design.

Late summer and early fall is always considered the best travel season. Through extensive market research AP discovered that makeup organization on the go is a much neglected area for both retailers and customers. It usually goes like this: A woman owns a beauty box for home use. When she travels, she has to take out unnecessary makeup items to make her luggage lighter. Those unnecessary items are then randomly scattered on the desk. The problem is, this cosmetic case is for home use so it’s big. Even though it’s not heavy after leaving out some items, it’s still big and takes up a large space of the luggage.

Angelina’s Palace comes up with a perfect solution, and that’s a versatile cosmetic case that every woman should have. First, it should be spacious enough for home organization. Second, it should be able to transform into something smaller and lighter for travel. Meanwhile, it should be easy-to-carry if one wants to take the whole case to go. Third, it should be elegant and pretty so that it shines everywhere. Those DIY organizers or plastic, paper-made ones are obviously ineligible.

With these in mind, AP designed and launched the KOLIN Travel Beauty Case. As its name indicates, the case is specifically designed for travel. Almost all its interior pockets are removable, including two brush stays, one eyelash curler pouch, as well as three big see-through pouches and three small pouches for skin care bottles. It also has a strap for carrying around like a shoulder bag.

“I think the KOLIN is perfect for both home and travel,” said 28-year-old Maria Miles, a long-time customer of AP. “Most of the time I leave it on my bedroom desk. For everyday use I take out a couple small pockets for basic makeup items such as lipsticks and eyelash curlers. If I have to leave home for a week or longer, I take the whole bag with me as it’s very light and easy to carry.”

Miles isn’t the only one who gives AP KOLIN thumbsup. On the brand’s social media outlets, customers have left quite a few comments acclaiming it as the most verstile beauty case ever.

“It’s worth every penny because you buy a beauty case, and you also buy elegance, quality and good mood,” Miles said.

As a high-end retailer and wholesaler, AP believes grace lies in intricate details. With superior leather and metal accessories, the KOLIN is stylish and long lasting. For more details, check out right now and choose from nine different patterns! 

Source: AP Lifestyle & Accessories Inc.


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